Why this "Hack"?

The WebsiteBaker CMS will always use a subdirectory to place his page data.
This is necessary because WebsiteBaker uses the filesystem to create pages in a simple and SEO friendly way.
The pages that are written do not contain any content, they only serve as placeholder for the frontend engine to tell what content should be showed.

Some people do not like the fact that links to their webpages are always looking like www.myserver.com/pages/contact.php.
There have been lots of idea's to change this, but unfortunatly they always had bad unwanted side effects.

The hack (also used in this website) will work on 99% of the websites built with Website Baker, and is increadably easy to implement.

Read here how it is done. (note the URL in your browser status bar when hovering the "here" link)

If you have problems or just want to discuss this "hack", just visit the WebsiteBaker forum.


The code on this website is provided AS-IS.
I do not take any responsibility for any malfunctioning of websites where the code is used!



02-07-2013 - Version 3.0

Changed the way short.php works.
Now works fine with news/bakery/topics pages.

24-08-2012 - Version 2.3

Fixes a problem with links in WB2.8.3

24 -11-2011 - Version 2.2

Added a rule in htaccess to remove /pages/ from (search engine) deeplinks.

19 -11-2011 - Version 2.1

Fixes a problem with NEWS pages in WB2.8.2
Fixed a problem with the FORM module in WB2.8.2

16-11-2011 - version V2.0

This new version should fix all previous reported problems.

  • It should work in a multilanguage environment
  • No problems with multiple menu-titles

Additinally also newspages will be shortened.

Demo: look at this website or at www.dev4me.nl