The next problem with using short url's is how they are generated.
There are some different solutions for this.

You could modify the show_menu2 function call so it will use the [menu-link] for outputting the url in a menu. This is simple enough to do. Just use [li]<a href="/[menu-link]">[menu-title]</a> for the 5th parameter in the show)menu2 function call.
Unfortunatly this will only change the menu. Any links in your page created in your pagecontent will remain the old style links.

You could choose to create those links manually (not using the internal pagelink button) and add the menu-title as the relative url.
This will also work fine, but after any change in your pagetree (menu-titles) you will need to check all links manually.

The best (and easy) way to go is to use a Droplet.
Droplets are standard included in Website Baker 2.8 and up, but it is also available as a standard installable admintool for Website Baker 2.7.

Droplets have the great possibility to modify the content after it is first generated by the CMS. So all we need to do next is find all links that point to a page within the current website and replace it with the root server url plus the menu-title that is used for that page.

The Droplet code is included as a textfile in the download.
Just open the file with your texteditor and copy the code in there.

Next create a new droplet in the backend of your website and name it something like ShortLinks.

Paste the code in the Droplet Code area and save the new Droplet.

Finally add the Droplet somewhere in your template (it does not really matter where) and it should all be working.