In the previous page I explained how the mod_rewrite function will relay the request to a standard script, adding a parameter with the word(s) that were found un the original URL.

The script now checks this parameter and does a search in the Website Baker database to locate the page that should be served.

Since Website Baker has no extra unused fields added to a page, the simpelest solution is to use the menu title for this. The menutitle is typically a short text (mostly one word) and is very wel suited to be used as the page parameter.

I do not want to go too deep in the script. If you are interested, just have a look at the code after downloading it.

When the mod_rewrite and the short.php script are both placed in your website root, a request for[menu-title] will open the page[menu-title].php in your browser.

On the next page I will show how you can use Droplets to replace all internal links, generated by WB, show_menu2 or internal links created by the WYSIWYG editors into links that will be handled by this script.

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